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Welcome to my website


My name is Billy Briggs and I’m a freelance journalist from Scotland. My reports have been published by - among others - Scotland On Sunday, The Guardian, The Herald, Sunday Herald, The Scotsman, The Observer, New Statesman, The Sunday Times, Mail On Sunday’s Live Magazine, The Big Issue, Irish Examiner, Guernica (USA), New Zealand Herald, The Age, Sydney Morning Herald, Al Jazeera and the BBC.

I'm also director at an investigative website called The Ferret -

It is a privilege to be a journalist and I’ve travelled to some fascinating places. I've stayed with al-Qassam fighters in Gaza and female Kurdish rebels in the mountains of Iraq and my investigations have exposed human traffickers, neo-Nazis and the impact of war upon ordinary people in a number of countries.

Since going freelance in 2006 I've also reported from Bosnia, Dubai, Germany, Guatemala, Haiti, India, Israel, Lebanon, Northern Ireland, Slovakia, Spain, Syria and the West Bank.

Please visit this website regularly for my reports and feel free to contact me about any matter. For latest news, please read the blog I pen for Amnesty International.

Thanks for your time.


Reporters without borders